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Our Classes


Brazilian Jiujitsu

Brazilian JIUJITSU is a ground-based fighting style that emphasises techniques for controlling and submitting opponents. Brazilian Jiujitsu is regarded as the best martial art for self-defence. It focuses on the use of leverage, grip and position to control and overcome greater size, strength and aggression with lesser size and strength. 

Our Jiujitsu classes comprise of both GI and NOGI classes. GI classes are the traditional classes and are performed in the kimono with a large portion of techniques used involving the use of the clothing to control and submit your opponent.

NO-GI grappling is a modern branch of traditional jiujitsu without the kimono. It is faster paced and better suited to those looking to compete in MMA.

Both classes begin with a warmup followed by various solo drills, technique demonstration, partner drills, and generally end with rounds of live sparring.

We have four qualified BLACKBELTS on our coaching staff which makes us the premier choice for Brazilian jiujitsu in the Southwest. ALL classes are suitable for the absolute beginner through to our advanced competitors.


Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu

Our classes are suited to children aged between 4 to 13. Brazilian Jiujitsu is widely regarded as the best martial art for self-defence and we believe that ALL children should know how to defend themselves in the event of an altercation.

Brazilian Jiujitsu also teaches children how to conduct themselves in a group setting, and instils confidence, discipline, teamwork skills and the importance of respect. We are also very proud to play a huge part and be affiliated with one of the largest and most successful kids competition teams in Western Australia in Coringa Jiu-jitsu.

Class sizes range from between 18-35 students in each class. Each time our class sizes increase, we accommodate with an increase in instructors per class as well. We attempt to maintain a 1/12 ratio of instructor/student, however as mentioned above, we train our children to maintain discipline, respect and focus throughout the whole course of practice.

If this ratio isn’t ever met, we are always confident that they will still learn what’s being taught effectively, while maintaining good behaviour.


Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a striking Martial Art originating from Thailand. Initially created as a functional striking system for the Thai Army and people to defend themselves, it has slowly developed into a competitive sport widely regarded as the most effective and dangerous striking art in the world and a necessity for Mixed Martial Arts competition.

At BASE MMA we are committed to upholding the fundamental and traditional standards of instruction to offer our students a truly authentic Muay Thai training experience.

Headed by the very experienced Professional Muay Thai fighter and trainer Jason Lea, this program focuses on teaching the fundamentals of Muay Thai. This includes stance Footwork, punches, kicks knees and elbows and the defence to these techniques.

Whether you are an Amateur or Pro Fighter, a Fitness fanatic or trying to lose weight, Muay Thai is the perfect combat sport to help you achieve your goals.


Kids Muay Thai

Base MMAs Kids Muay Thai program has been developed to create Disciplined, Respectful and Responsible martial artists. The number one goal is to create a Safe, Supportive, Positive learning environment where our Lil Ninjas can grow and learn. We want every one of our kids to become well-rounded martial artists both on and off the mats. We offer 2 different program options depending on the age of your child.


Is designed specifically for children in the 4-8 year age range and focuses on the basic principles of Muay Thai. Class consists of exercises and techniques tailored to the 4-8 year olds ability level to prepare then to advance to the Youth Muay Thai class.


Designed specifically for children in the 9-13 year age range and focuses on basic to advanced Muay Thai techniques and skills. This class is perfect to gain confidence, coordination and increase fitness whilst also learning the most effective striking Martial Art for SELF DEFENSE. Children in this program are also offered the ability to compete in live bouts if interested.



Mixed Martial Arts has become the fastest growing sport in the world. It is a full contact sport and combines the use of striking, grappling, wrestling and submission techniques that make this such a diverse and dynamic combat sport and martial art experience.

BASE MMA is one of the pioneer gyms of the sport in Western Australia and is renowned for producing high level and competitive MMA fighters from the ground up.

The BASE MMA program is led by professional MMA fighter Nick Wood. Nick is a professional MMA fighter as well as a Brazilian Jiujitsu Brown Belt under Fabio Coringa Nunes.

Nick and his coaching TEAM put a heavy emphasis on conditioning, teamwork and most importantly: a high standard of training and instruction.

This class is the only class on the timetable that requires some previous experience in either a Striking or Grappling martial art as a minimum before participating.


Strength and Conditioning

Adding Strength and Conditioning to your martial arts regime will boost your athletic performance and prevent injury. Participants can expect to use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, box jumps, ropes, aerobic machines, slam balls and many other tools to improve all aspects of strength and conditioning.

The class is non-contact, using training methods to increase strength, speed, power, endurance and energy system conditioning, with the aim to prepare the participants for the physical demands that combat sports (MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian-JiuJitsu, Wrestling and Boxing) place upon its athletes.

The class begins with dynamic warmups, mobility-based movements, and then we get into the class emphasis of the day which varies from more strength work to energy system training. If you are looking for a challenging class that will enhance your overall athleticism, then this is it.

*Ages 16 and above*
**Kids aged 12 to 15 are welcome to train alongside their parent**
***$5 for kids aged 12 to 15 to train alongside their parent/guardian in the Strength and
Conditioning Class***


MMA – Wrestling

Base MMA Bunburys MMA WRESTLING Class is a comprehensive training program that fuses elements from both US folk style and freestyle wrestling.

This unique approach provides fighters with a diverse skill set, emphasizing takedowns, control on the ground, and effective escapes.

By integrating these wrestling styles, Base MMA aims to enhance a fighter’s ability to dictate the pace of a match, secure dominant positions, and defend against takedowns—all crucial aspects in the dynamic world of mixed martial arts.

Training in this class is essential for MMA fighters as it forms the foundation for a well-rounded skill set, contributing significantly to their success in the cage.


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Brazilian Jiujitsu

Kids Brazilian Jiujitsu

5 to 8 year olds

9 to 13 year olds

Muay Thai

Kids Muay Thai​

4 to 7 year olds

8 to 13 year olds

Strength and Conditioning


MMA – Wrestling

Base MMA Bunbury

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