Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Shirt/Rashie and Shorts/Leggings. Clothing must have no Zippers, buttons or pockets for
safety reasons. Shoes are not to be worn on the mats; however they must be worn in and
out of the gym and in the Bathroom. No jewellery and no long nails.
**Please see Do I/My Kids need a GI?**

If you are training in our Gi classes a Coringa Gi will be required. However,
While you’re starting off it’s ok to not have one for your first month or so.
Different techniques a taught using the GI which is why we have Gi and No
Gi Classes.

**For the little kids classes ages 5-8 wearing a Gi is optional**
**To commence grading in the belt system, at any age a GI is mandatory**

For BJJ We advertise age 4-5 is a good starting age. However, we have had plenty of kids come in younger and give it a go. With our Free trial class we welcome you to bring them down to give it a go and see if they like it.
For Muay Thai the starting age is 4 and above.

No. However, an electronic waiver needs to be completed before arrival. Please email us the following details;

- Full Name

- For children please also provide parents’ names for point of contact.


- Contact Number

- Email Address

It is preferred that everyone brings a mouthguard.

  • Boxing Gloves. 10oz Gloves for Teens/Adults Training or 16oz for Teens/Adults Sparring. We sell Guarded Kids and Adults Boxing Gloves.
  • ShinGuards. We sell Guarded Kid and Adult ShinGuards.
  • Skipping Rope. We do have skipping ropes in the gym but some prefer to have their own and one weighted to suit them.

Age 16 and above. Ages 12 to 15 can train alongside their parent/guardian.

You can train at any and all classes applicable to you, as well as use the weights area whenever we’re open.

We have a dedicated Beginners class on a Saturday Morning. However, the Monday night BJJ Fundamental Class is also a great class to start with. With that said, Beginners are welcome to start at any of the classes.
Please note: The MMA class is the only class the requires 3-6months experience in grappling or striking.

Beginners are welcome to all classes except the MMA class. It’s the only class that
requires 6months experience in grappling or striking.

Yes, We welcome and encourage people to come down and watch so you have a better understanding of what the class is about. Don’t forget we offer a free trial class.

  • You have the same access as a normal membership in regard to being able to train
    at all applicable classes. On top of that you can have after hour access to the gym to use the weights area or you and another after hour access member might like to train/spar.
  • After Hour access is 12am to 9:30pm (Between 9:30pm and Midnight the facility will
    be closed for cleaning) **Any temp changes to these hours will be advertised at the counter**
  • Our classes are a priority
    • Please Note: There may be other After Hour Access members training
      and/or PT sessions happening at anytime.
  • Available on Request; Dedicated AH Membership Group Chat to organise group training
  • No Shoes to be worn on the mats.
  • Please ensure you do not come to training if you have an infectious illness (Eg. Cold/Flu, Gastro, Staph).
  • All students must be showered and clean (after school/work) before commencing training.
  • No food or drink allowed on the mats (a water bottle may be taken into the training area and kepts on the black mats, not on the BJJ Mats, in the cage or in the Boxing Ring).
  • Finger and Toe Nails must be kept trimmed.
  • Heat creams should not be used on any exposed skin areas in any class where students will be grappling with others.
  • Where blood has been spilt or a student is bleeding the student must make every attempt to stop the bleeding and clean up the blood before continuing the training.
  • All cuts and Abrasions must be covered before students commence training.
  • No Equipment should be touched before first checking with your instructor.
  • If you make a mess please clean it up.
  • No children upstairs without a supervising adult.
  • No children in the training area when not training.
  • Whilst in the training area for their class, children are not to touch any of the gym equipment in the weights area.
  • We have a kids area where they can play while they aren’t training.

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